BROKERS COMPLIANCE GROUP is the first full-service, mortgage risk management firm in the United States that specializes exclusively in residential mortgage compliance, offering a full suite of services to mortgage brokers and other independent mortgage professionals.

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Pioneers in compliance solutions!

Our risk management team consists of professionals with proven knowledge, experience, and expertise in mortgage banking who have worked at some of the largest loan originators in the country as well as federal and state agencies.

We provide comprehensive support and guidance through our team of Directors, Administrators, Compliance Consultants, Attorneys, Operational Specialists, and Staff.

Our commitment is to ensure our clients are given the most timely and reliable information involving regulations, rules, and laws governing the origination of mortgage loan products.

BCG's professionals and support staff have extensive experience in risk management, licensing, quality control, and all areas of regulatory compliance affecting a variety of needs in the residential mortgage industry.

Because we are proficient in conventional and government lending programs, the guidelines promulgated by government-sponsored entities, investors, and federal and state regulatory agencies, we are the first choice for risk management solutions.

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